About Us

Founded in 1973 by Civil Engineer John F. Moore, Castlepark was originally established as a civil engineering & building contracting company.

From our establishment until the mid 1980’s Castlepark was involved in both public and private sector contracts. From the mid-80’s onwards, Castlepark concentrated on the private property development sector where it has enjoyed considerable success. During the mid-2000’s, sensing all was not right with the Irish property market, Castlepark scaled back its Irish-based development activities and moved into UK real estate investment. Due to this good foresight, Castlepark avoided the fate of most of its peers during the recent property crash and Castlepark has remained strong throughout. We are proud to have maintained our loyal core employees throughout this period and look forward to continuing in business for many years to come.

in 1973

Castlepark is an independently owned property development and investment company established in 1973.

We are a progressive, innovative group of professionals and craftsmen that is headquartered in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Traditionally building, developing & investing in & around the greater Dublin area, we have over the years expanded our interests into the UK and Europe.

From our foundation until the mid ’1980’s Castlepark was involved in both private and public sector contracts consisting of local authority housing, warehousing & sporting facilities.

From the mid-80’s onwards Castlepark diversified into the private property development sector where it has enjoyed considerable success.

Strong Track Record

Exacting Standards

To date, Castlepark has carried out many different projects of varying scales. These have been in both the residential and office/commercial sectors.

We are very proud of our work to date and we invite you to browse through our portfolio of past & current projects.